At the Ilkley BlueBelles, our motto is 'a modern WI with traditional values' and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our group. Our contemporary WI is now five years old, and we are loving every minute. We have a fun and varied programme, with recent highlights being a forensic science workshop, truffle making, a fabulous shopping event. and much more!


We meet on the second Tuesday of each month upstairs at the Vaults in Ilkley and activities planned for 2020 include a spring fair, willow weaving, reflexology, and a Bollywood dance class!

In addition to our monthly meeting we are working on getting a regular craft sub-group going. 


When looking for meeting entertainment and speakers, we are keen to champion local businesses and celebrate the individuality of our members through skill swapping so that we can learn from each other whilst having lots of fun in the process. If you have a skill that you would like to share with us just get in touch. We enjoy hands-on workshops where we can all get involved, so if this sounds like you, use our contact page.


Please feel free to contact us or just turn up to a meeting to see what we're all about. To become a WI member there is a yearly subscription of £43 and if you wish to bring along a non-member or want a taster before you commit then this is £5 payable per meeting.


When you join you will receive a monthly WI magazine and become a member of the largest womens' group in the U.K - that has been running for over 100 years! Pretty impressive stuff.


We look forward to meeting you,


Many Thanks,

Sarah & Rachel (Co-Presidents), Frances (Secretary), Jane (Treasurer) & the committee

Meet the committee

SARAH TURNER - Co-President

Guilty pleasure - Supernatural TV shows, from vampires to witches, the more ridiculous the better

Favourite tipple - A Caipirinha, it reminds me of my honeymoon

Dream holiday - A family road trip in a camper van, the possibilities are endless!

Favourite thing about Ilkley - The Cow and Calf rocks

Ideal superpower - Time control, to be able to speed up, rewind or stop time would be very handy

Hidden talent - Walking very fast whilst still talking (in heels)

Personal theme tune - Get Back Up Again - think Princess Poppy from The Trolls movie


Guilty pleasure - Watching American TV shows

Favourite tipple - Fizz

Dream holiday - To dance the Argentine tango in the streets of Buenos Aires

Favourite thing about Ilkley - Blossom trees on The Grove in Spring/early Summer

Ideal superpower - To be able to fly. I think this often when sat in stand still traffic on the M25 on my way to see my husband.

Hidden talent - Organising - as a little bit OCD!

Personal theme tune - I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston - takes me back to the 80s! 


Guilty pleasure - 80's hair metal 

Favourite tipple - Girly gin or vodka-based cocktails

Dream holiday - African safari adventure across the Serengeti plains...great for a photographer. 

Favourite thing about Ilkley - Sounds boring, but coming from a very large city, I love that I can get around to all of the things I need to do on a daily basis, shop, dine, and even cinema just by walking a short distance. 

Ideal superpower - Invisibility, to be able to spy on people. 

Hidden talent - I can do trick card shuffling and flourishes Vegas-style, even though I've never been there. 

Personal theme tune - Uprising by Muse

JANE McMULLEN - Treasurer
Guilty pleasure - Betty's fat rascals and watching Christmas films
Favourite tipple - Decaff latte
Dream holiday - New York, Boston and Nantucket
Favourite thing about Ilkley - Walking on Ilkley Moor – I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful town.
Ideal superpower - To snap my fingers, Mary Poppins style, and for my house to magically tidy itself
Hidden talent - Being annoying and embarassing (according to my teenage children!)
Personal theme tune - Don't You Forget About me, Simple Minds


Guilty pleasure - Nutella. In pancakes, on crumpets, in porridge. Mmm. 

Favourite tipple - A really lovely glass (who am I kidding? Bottle!) of red wine. Ideally accompanying some steak. 

Dream holiday - Something with fun for everyone: beach, pool, shops, sightseeing, child-friendly activities, food, wine, sunshine. Anyone got a suggestion?

Favourite thing about Ilkley - All the wonderful independent businesses 

Ideal superpower - To send children back to sleep with the power of my mind. Weekend lie-ins I miss you!!

Hidden talent - Playing the trumpet 

Personal theme tune - let's have some retro Kylie and Hand On Your Heart. 


Guilty pleasure - Eating chocolate in the bath with the door locked so I don't get disturbed.

Favourite tipple - Archers (peach schnapps) and lemonade

Dream holiday - A trip to Canada with a cruise around Alaska thrown in. Would be fab to see all the animals in their natural habitat.

Favourite thing about Ilkley - Seeing lots of lovely friends when we wander around the shops, I love the community spirit in our town.

Ideal superpower - Teleporting (is that a word?) It would save me so much time if I could just snap my fingers and be transported to where I need to be in an instant!

Hidden talent - Aside from working full time and being a mum to two gorgeous girls? Cake decorating (when I can find the time)

Personal theme tune - So many to choose from! But I guess it has to be the Steps version of Tragedy ... great memories from my hen night and wedding

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